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Bring your swing applications to web browser. Instantly.

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Webswing is a specialized web server for running any Swing based Java application in your browser. Webswing offers a unique and instant solution for:

all this with:


Webswing provides many convenient integrated features which makes working with webswing applications as easy as if they were running locally.

Running your application in Webswing brings many advantages compared to standard desktop use, such as:

Quick Start Guide

This step by step guide will help you install and start Webswing server and setup your swing application in 5 minutes.


  1. JRE 6,7 or 8 installed
  2. Modern browser installed

For the purpose of this guide we will use a Windows-based box. Linux installation is covered in separate page.

Download the distribution from Webswing home page and unzip it to new folder. For demonstration purposes we will use C:\webswing

unzipped webswing distribution

Open a command prompt and make sure you are using the current java executable. (Verify by running java -version at the command prompt.)

Double click on the webswing.bat file to start the Webswing server.

started webswing server

Open your browser to address http://localhost:8080

webswing login screen

Login using the default username and password admin and pwd.

application selector screen

Now you can see the list of demo applications and the Admin console icon in the selection. Click on the Admin console.

admin console screen

In Admin console navigate to Settings -> Server configuration. Here we can add a new swing application to the webswing.config json configuration file.

admin console - server configuration screen

Click on the New button on the Swing applications tab, and fill in the basic details as required. Hover over the question marks for setting explanations.

admin console - new app

Set the application main class and classpath.

admin console - new app

Setup security

admin console - new app

Now click the Apply button to save and apply the new configuration.

Load the first page again, http://localhost:8080, where you should see the newly configured application.

admin console - new app

Click on the application to start the Swing application inside the browser.

admin console - new app

In case the application failed to start, search for the problem in the log file webswing.log located in the webswing folder - in our case C:\webswing.