Tomcat Deployment

Even though webswing comes with embedded Jetty server, it is still possible to deploy it to external servlet container like Tomcat. Other J2EE servers should work as well, as far as they support Servlet 3.0 spec (but only Tomcat 8 is tested). To deploy webswing to Tomcat, follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new folder named webswing in Tomcat's home folder and unzip the webswing distribution to this folder.
  2. Move webswing-server.war from distribution package to Tomcat's webapps folder.
  3. In conf/ file add the following properties. ( Or use -D jvm options to specify these properties)
#if want to embed webswing to page hosted on different domain (set * for all)
webswing.corsOrigins=http://other.domain1, http://other.domain2 

Please note that the locations in demo webswing.config are pointing to relative paths, so in order to make the demo applications running in tomcat you will need to change the paths accordingly