Startup options

Start scripts webswing.bat and are included in Webswing distribution. These scripts may need to be adapted to point to the right java installation and to configure other custom options.

Starting webswing with option -h will print out help with list of all possible option.

c:\webswing>java -jar webswing-server.war -h

You can define following options in start scripts:

Option Description Default value
-c Configuration file name. <webswing-server.war path>/webswing.config
-d Create new temp folder for every webswing instance false
-h Local interface address where the web server will listen. localhost
-j Jetty startup configuration file. ./
-kp Keystore password.
-ks Keystore file location for ssl configuration
-p Http port where the web server will listen. If 0 http is disable 8080
-s Https port where the web server will listen.If 0 http is disabled. 0
-t The folder where temp folder will be created for the webswing server ./tmp
-tp Truststore password
-ts Truststore file location for ssl configuration
-u Users properties file name. <webswing-server.war path>/

SSL configuration

There is a special configuration file for the built-in jetty called It is used to configure connection options of the server like ports, protocols, SSL certificates and CORS origins (for embedded Webswing ). Command-line options have higher priority than this file. Location of this file can be specified by option -j. You can configure following options in this file:



#comma separated urls

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