Webswing 2.6 released!

Now with many new features including support for Java 11. Find out more and get it in the Downloads.

Try Webswing now in 3 simple steps

Follow these simple steps and see how easy and convenient it is to run a Java Swing application in a browser.


Download the latest version of Webswing from the Download section. Once downloaded unzip the archive.


From the unzipped archive execute the webswing.bat script (or on Linux OS). Use Java 8+ for starting the server.


Start your favorite browser and enter http://localhost:8080
Login as default user:
user: admin password: pwd
user: user password: pwd

What Is Webswing?

Webswing is a web server that allows you to run any Java swing application inside your web browser using only pure HTML5.

The best days of swing framework are gone. Desktop applications lost popularity and everything is forced to be online and mobile. But what about existing application? Using applet technology proved to be insecure, and rewriting the application to web is too expensive. This is where Webswing can help you. With Webswing, your application is securely running on a server and a user's browser only displays the application window. All this without changing a single line of source code.

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What Is Webswing?

Try the new Webswing 2.6

Give Webswing a try now and run your application online.

Says about Webswing

Webswing Features

Here is selection of the most important Webswing features

Browser is all you need.

Clients only need a browser to run your Java application. No more installations. Just one click on your URL.

No code changes

Bring your own Java libraries, tell Webswing where to find them, and let us do the magic. If it works with Swing, it should work with Webswing.

All browsers supported

Webswing is supported on all major browsers that implement the HTML5 standard.

Embeddable JS snippet

Embed your application directly to your existing website. Just paste the JavaScript snippet from our documentation.

100% same look and feel

Your application will look the same whether it's run in desktop mode or through your web browser.

Native printing support

Printing in Webswing is seamless. Just hit the print button and Webswing will show your printed document in your browser.

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Try the new Webswing 2.6

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