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Version 2.5.10

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  • Licensed under AGPLv3
  • Access control per Swing Application for Multi-tenant deployments
  • Improved Application isolation
  • JavaFx support (Beta)
  • Improved Statistics and Monitoring in Admin console
  • Configurable Customizations and Branding
  • Built-in SAML2 and OpenID Connect support
  • Updated UI design
  • and many other Bug-fixes and Improvements


Webswing development version

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Older Versions

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  • DirectDraw improvements
  • Bug fixes

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  • Java Applets support
  • Improved clipboard integration
  • Variable replacement in webswing.config
  • Fixed glitches and improved performance of DirectDraw (by Andrey Breskalenko)
  • Window decoration themes (by Andreas Reichel)
  • JavaScript to Java interface (and vice versa)
  • Java 8 support
  • Session recording
  • Improved documentation
  • Small improvements for mobile browser
  • Extended SwingSet3 demo application

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  • Tomcat deployment improvements (see Readme file)
  • anonymous mode, custom args and application selection with url params (see Readme file)
  • new embeddable webswing javascript
  • file handling improvements
  • ssl configurtion support
  • netbeans platform support (see demo example)
  • memory and performance optimizations
  • new more efficient directdraw rendering method(experimental)
  • JMX monitoring
  • classpath configuration support wildcards
  • bug fixes

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  • java 7 support
  • file system isolation
  • integrated download, upload and deleting of files in JFileChooser
  • new window manager with corrected handling of modal windows
  • many bug fixes

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